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apt install wget bash-completion unzip In order to setup a DHCP server and PXE configuration, log in to the system with the root account or an account with root privileges and install isc-dhcp-server package provided by Debian 9 repository by issuing the following command.apt install isc-dhcp-server Now backup the ISC-DHCP server main configuration file and edit the dhcpc server configuration file to contain the following settings.ifdown ens33 ifup ens33 To check if the new IP address has been configured for the network interface, issue the following command.ip a Sometimes the IP settings won’t apply by simply restarting the networking daemon or disabling and enabling the interface.

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Assuming that your network interface card is named ens33, issue the below commands to disable and enable the NIC.

This is how a static IP address is declared in DHCP server. Then open isc-dhcp-server file in the directory for editing, navigate to the end of the file and add your network interface card configured with a static IP address to IPv4 Interfaces line as described in the below sample.

The device with the MAC address defined by hardware ethernet statement will always get the same IP address. Make sure you add the appropriate network interface card name.

In order to manually configure your network interface card, open network interfaces file and edit the following lines using your preferred text editor, such as nano.

Replace the IP settings lines described below to match your own network configurations.

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