Updating palm centro when did eva longoria and tony parker start dating

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Don: Tap and hold on an entry in the address book or call log brings up View, View call history, Edit number before calling, Send text message, Add to favorites, Delete from Call history - nice!

Craig: I appreciate Android giving me a small scrollbar to let me know where I am in a big list of items (the web OS designers apparently thought scrollbars are tacky).

I was in a restaurant and just sat the EVO on the table to use it tablet style...worked really well..no need to hold it like I do the Pre (due to its roundedness, the Pre rocks and spins on a flat surface when you interact with the screen).

Craig: One thing I already miss is a dedicated ringer mute switch.

I’ve had one on every smartphone I’ve owned since my first Palm Treo and am baffled by the choice to not include one on the EVO.

This is the first Android device for both of us, so have patience with the noobs. Unlike most “first look” reviews, we won’t be telling you the resolution of the screen or how hard it is (or isn’t) to read outside, or that kind of stuff.

This review is more detailed, more specific, and more focused on the factors that make a phone truly usable and useful on a day-to-day basis.

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