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See Finance also adds the ability to natively handle foreign currencies, it offers a very large amount of customization in its preferences, and its tech support team is extremely responsive.However, it still hasn’t reached version 1.0 yet, and it shows in a few ways: it can’t print checks, link transfers between accounts, or delay a scheduled transaction.it’s not really the full commitment that we wanted to see from Intuit, but at least our 6-year-old version of Quicken will still continue to run under Lion. We’ll see if this actually comes to fruition or not.As we all know, Intuit is a company that can NOT be trusted at all.)(March 17, 2012 update: Quicken is now available for Lion!So if you buy a new Mac in late 2011, or if you upgrade your Mac to Lion, you won’t even be able to launch Quicken anymore.

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But I am still trying to figure out the answer to the question of why Intuit has proactively taken more steps than any other software company to undermine Mac users worldwide and to try to diminish the legitimacy of Apple’s operating systems, despite the fact that Apple is now the largest technology company on earth.

it always yields ZERO transactions waiting to be downloaded.

– Importing QIF files from i Phone apps doesn’t work as expected (it always marks every imported transaction as cleared).

If you take a look at the frustrated users on their forums, you will see that the same complaints keep arising with the product yet the company has failed to address many of them in the product for years!

Out of the many bugs that I have reported in this product, these are just a few of i Bank’s bigger problems, bugs, and missing features: – Downloading transactions from Fidelity Bank investment accounts no longer works…

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