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' in nssmu941067: Job submission fails if the user submits the jobs continuously to the direct printer which is not reachable.943409: Pool Rename and Delete NEB events produced in kernel.944926: OES: Quick Finder showing invalid characters when using the Portuguese Brasil language945655: Unable to exclude certain volume in vigil filter.952776: Custom i Print page returns user to the i Print default IPP page after printer install if custom map is on iframe953218: Unable to install printer on Windows 10 when part of Azure AD953802: Unable to authenticate to secure printers with mixed case user ID956289: Backend failed with Yosemite 6.00 SSL printers956291: No printing with i Print Client for Mac 6.00 Yosemite SSL printers956536: CIFS[]: ERROR: AUTH: SEV maintenance: Failed to get effective privileges of user: 000143105, error: -625956589: Copyright string Says " © 2011-2015 Micro Focus Inc.

All rights reserved".956790: Mac_Client: The i Print listener is not started automatically after logout/login956937: Secure printer is not installed on Windows client after rebranding changes in i Print client957129: Two entries are displayed for Micro Focus i Print client after installing the rebranded client over existing client of the same version.957270: Mac_Client: Should notify user when the printer redirection happens in Mac client.957271: Mac_Client: Should notify user when the driver update happens in Mac client.957511: [Random]i Manager plugin does not detect the i Print desktop client while trying to upload a driver957514: Download link for Windows 10 i Print client is not available on welcome page if the server is installed on localized language957515: i Print2.0: Error message about i Print Client not installed appears when trying to add drivers even though i Print Client is installed958387: 'filter', destination' and 'log' statements for CIFS are changed from after patching958702: i Print Windows Client: Need to fix the server backward compatibility issue with the latest i Print Windows client959529: i Print 6.01 client fails with "i Print internal error - i Print encountered an error -1" on OSX 10.11 (el capitan)960038: Status of the paused print jobs to the direct printers are not displayed in the i Print document status960072: NCP server incorrectly responds with ERR_NO_CREATE_PRIVILEGE to NCP 89,32 and NCP 89,1 during Op Lock Break procedure960533: Unable to rename the folder on a regular basis.960705: NSS is not updating NSS pools e Directory attribute "nssfs Shared" while marking the device as "Shareable for Clustering"962317: USERNAME_CN not working with Equitrac962967: Localization : Changes for Windows 10 in i Manager is not included in the January 20 and OES 11SP2 patch - (Bug957481)963255: NCS/NSS: Under certain situations /etc/fstab can be corrupted - 0 bytes963718: nsscon man page update to remove the option /(no)rezid964141: CIFS generates VIGIL events for directory opens964583: Merging latest samba 3.6.3 code patches to novell-oes-samba964984: i Print map breaks if it is embedded in an iframe965270: OES2015SP1: Unable to delete files and folders using the CIFS client967235: Cluster pool deletion is allowed while the pool is in running state967587: NSSMU is allowing to activate the pools marked with errors by 'ravsui verify'96802: ndsd dumped core while running sparse replica test (XPOZ)968168: Cluster pool deletion is allowed while the pool is in running state968240: NSS is not coming up when upgrading from OES 11 SP2 (fully patched) to OES 2015968628: nssmu is generating a core when a partition label is modified to a length of 127 characters971346: Unable to delete a shared pool using i Manager971422: Getting signature error when downloading the i Print client in IE960147: Not able to migrate the Cluster resources after renaming the Clustered NSS Pool964855: Cannot online resource 'DATA_SERVER' on node 'oesnode1', because NSS on the node may not understand the newer NSS media associated with the resource.965160: OES-PTF: NSS Returns "NSS_NCS_UNKNOWN_MEDIA_VERSION" Erroneously883478: Buffer overrun (memory corruption) occurs while reading Trustee file.954896: Remove the -n or --new-name option from the i Print man page886449: The posix file open calls not available with NCP.894209: The nulluser session does not get closed when it tries to access a valid CIFS share.

(Request is not going remote even if x-chain is set)945223: LDAP server does not handle CLDAP requests when UDP datagram size is larger than BER length945866: nds-install should not degrade e Directory to lower versions950336: Unable to install e Directory on RHEL 7.2952891: IRFs being incorrectly calculated over LDAP954030: LDAP password modify extended operation (OID - fails with ldap error 32 when uid is used as naming attribute955160: LDAP plugin allows a LDAP server to be associated to a cert in an import state955344: e Directory crashes when timestamp is not specified when creating a JCReference Filter955508: nds-install update with LANG=ja_JP.Support options are typically obtained from Novell Support representatives when you need assistance resolving specific database problems.[…] Make sure that you clearly understand what the Support options do before you use them.These time zone settings pertain to the Web Access client, not the Windows or Cross-Platform client. If you want to perform the conversion on all user and resource databases in the post office, specify ALL in the User/Resource field. In the Action drop-down list, select Reset Client Options. In the Support Options field on the Misc tab, type setmimeencoding=number, where number is one of the following character set numbers: containing the subject line to be purged.Available in On the Misc tab, you can use the new delallsubscriberecords support option to resolve problems with users' Notify alarms that were not resolved using the delsubscriberecords support option. 12.1.1 Default MIME Encoding Change After Group Wise 7 Support Pack 1, the Group Wise client started using UTF-8 instead of ISO for MIME encoding. In the Database Path field browse to and select the post office directory. Purges any mail message with a subject field that matches a certain string.

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