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Using built-in functionality in CRM, this solution involves creating an entity and workflow combination.

You will import your spreadsheet into the custom entity and then use a workflow to automatically apply your updates to the correct records.

In this case, I’m setting the account lookup on the Account Update entity to use the Account Number as the key.

Record expressions are translated to tuple expressions during compilation. If no default value is supplied, A record definition can be placed anywhere among the attributes and function declarations of a module, but the definition must come before any usage of the record.

Therefore, record expressions are not understood by the shell unless special actions are taken. A record definition consists of the name of the record, followed by the field names of the record. If a record is used in several modules, it is recommended that the record definition is placed in an include file.

The following expression creates a new The fields can be in any order, not necessarily the same order as in the record definition, and fields can be omitted.

Omitted fields get their respective default value instead.

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