Updating the fru and sensor data recovery

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To support a Lat Long report, the following data fields are required: (To view the complete set of platform-defined location data fields, see SENSOR_CATEGORY_LOCATION in the Windows Sensor Reference section.) When they are called through ISensor Driver:: On Get Supported Data Fields, add the supported data field property key constants to the IPortable Device Key Collection that you return through the Like other sensor drivers, location drivers provide information about the sensor itself through a set of properties.

The Windows Hardware Certification Program specifies the minimum required set of properties that a location sensor must support.

For more information about raising sensor events, see About Sensor Driver Events.

When it is called through ISensor Driver:: On Get Properties, set the SENSOR_PROPERTY_TYPE property value to the correct value.However, you must review the official Certification Program documentation when you create sensor drivers that you intend to submit for approval.For more information about the Windows Hardware Certification Program, see the Windows Hardware Developer Central website.This section provides specific guidance for writing drivers for devices that provide location data.In addition to the information that is contained in this section, location driver authors must also understand and apply the information that is provided in Writing a Sensor Device Driver.

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