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Also setting my domain logon to be the WES Admin group.Re-import all the Components, reset all the damn folder and file permissions on both the Server and the XP Pro workstation due to the Active Directory setup. Looks like that will become necessary if there ever is a SP3. Why can't there be a JOIN during an install that is inclusive and has SP1 and SP2 and User designed components WITHOUT REQUIRING everything User designed be re-imported?Put another switch or two in the Options, "Use Current Service Pack Level? " "Use latest Revised Component for User designed components? Only difference with your install I can see is one XP Pro dev machine vs Win2K Advanced SP3&XP Pro. This would only be allowed for components which have "Enable multiple instances" property set. That is the cmi Service Pack Level extended property which exists for every instance in Configuration. Yes the Service Pack versio number IS a property of the component.Or do you mean multiple versions of different components with different SP level? It is hard to play with different Revisions in TD, however. The biggest problem I kept running into was that the URLs to th Knowledge Base articles that the guys at Redmond were pointing me to were all related to SQL Server 2000 and yes they talked about simila issues but it turns out that the MANTISdb uses CUSTOM or USE attributes to control access, WSExxxxxx etc.I would prefer not to run the MSDE since it creates such a performance hit on Target Designer.I liked being able to compile OS images in 5 minutes or less! I've got a project due in 2 weeks so this is pretty serious for me.

This SQL Server is the only standalone version we have running, other workstations have the MSDE running as integrated modules in applications.I wasn't exactly pleased with the amount of aggravation it took to ge through the process but they did get me going and I didn't get too fa behind.I also discovered that doubling my RAM to 1GB in both computers reall made a difference in my compile times, from 336 seconds to 150 second on the exact same build.The other tools in the setup application for SP2 work fine.The message I get back when installing the SP2 Database is: "Setup cannot gain access to the existing component database.

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