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Big payoffs can reinforce significant behavior changes (like paying your company a lot more money).The benefit is the return on investment, where the is some shift from the status quo. CSRs will deliver faster customer service without the hassle of a phone conversation.What are those traits and characteristics, and who are the people that meet those traits and characteristics? How does the Target benefit from the existing behavior, or at a minimum put up with it?Example: Customer Service Reps (CSRs) at technology savvy companies and their Customers. This behavior can be extremely specific — like a particular navigation flow or interaction — or it can be very broad like purchasing habits, lifestyle choices, or major life decisions. Example: Customers currently submit cases via an online form, and then wait up to 24hrs for a reply.Validation includes a review of all training materials and procedures to ensures that stated training objectives and standards are met.By validating the content, management systems and support procedures of your current management development programmes you can be sure they meet our stringent quality requirements.Example: Customers will use a communication channel “in-app” that resembles a chat interface instead of using the online case submission forms.They’ll feel comfortable interacting with a rep via chat.

In the example above, the behavior change actually includes the proposed Intervention (in-app chat).Example: A new online home selling platform triggers a Target who previously would only sell using a broker to take on the task of selling their own house, and to fork over a fixed fee of ,000.The Intervention is a virtual coach that adapts advice to local and regional requirements for home selling.The QA and IT validation teams as well as the TMS sponsors, which often include the HR team, can realize several benefits by directing the validation effort on the “qualification record.” According to FDA, “validation” is defined as the establishment of “ FDA states that validation of computer systems is a documented, formalized procedure used for testing computer systems and software needed by Federal Regulations (21 CFR 11.10.a).The Production and Process Controls regulations [21 CFR 820.70] include the validation requirements for medical device companies which state: “When computers or automated data processing systems are used as part of production or the quality system, the manufacturer shall validate computer software for its intended use according to an established protocol.

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