Who is david duchovny dating

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After a surprise on-stage kiss between “The X-Files” co-stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson at a New York City show last week, the dating rumors are out there.

And with “The X-Files” reboot shoot just days away, both Duchovny and Anderson would have ample opportunity to spend time together on set. If somebody gets a picture of that, if it’s on stage and she comes up to sing with me, I’m going to kiss her hello,” he told TVLine.

Duchovny and Leoni have been separated for most of the last six years, but this week finally got around to making their divorce official.

They married in 1997, but split up after Duchovny admitted he had a sex addiction and entered rehab in 2008. but anyways.”Gillian Anderson herself has been open about her relationship and private life — saying recently that she is bi-sexual — but has been quiet on details about recent sightings with Duchovny.

Monique sported a black puffer vest over a crop top, which she paired with patterned yoga pants and a trucker hat.

But it sounds like fans will just have to settle for the on-screen romance between their counterparts, Mulder and Scully. However during a Huff Post Live segment last year, Anderson had a slightly different answer, hinting that the pair once had a romantic relationship that didn’t last after the show was canceled in 2002.

In a new interview with TVLine, actor David Duchovny shot down dating rumors between him and his long-time co-star.“The whole thing about Gillian and I dating is so weird. “It’s not going to happen; we’re friends.”The dating rumors flared up after Anderson crashed an encore during Duchovny’s tour for his new album, “Hell or Highwater.” He dismissed the rumors as overspeculation about his friendly greeting. She added that the pair got too close over the years and that they shared a genuine spark.

She and Duchovny were recently spotted coming out of a Soul Cycle.

The Daily Mail also reports that Pendleberry has worked at Sun Life Organics juicery in Malibu, California, which happens to be owned by Duchovny’s friend Khalil Rafati.

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