Who is kimberly stewart dating

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Kardashian's personal life soon became subject to widespread media attention.

She has released a variety of products tied to her name, including the successful 2014 mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a variety of clothing and products, and the 2015 photo book Selfish.

Kardashian's tweet appears to stem from an article on Cookie Diet.com, that named Kardashian as one of many celebrities who saw positive results on the diet.

Kardashian sent a cease-and-desist order to Siegal, demanding the link be removed.

Kim Kardashian was also seeking order to have the actress/model Molinaro banned from Old Navy commercials.

The lawsuit never went to trial but a settlement was reached by use of a mediator in 2012; the exact settlement is unknown.

Her relationship with rapper Kanye West has also received significant media coverage; the couple married in 2014 and they have three children together.

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That same month, Kardashian was involved in a lawsuit against one of her endorsements.Siegal filed a claim in a Florida state court charging that her statements were false and defamatory.He also alleged that Kardashian was on Quick Trim's payroll when she posted the tweet.Old Navy used actress/model Melissa Molinaro in their Old Navy commercial featuring the actress singing and dancing.Kim Kardashian claimed that Old Navy used Molinaro as a look alike to Kim in order to promote their brand.

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