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Now I know why he has such acclaim in musical theatre - he really is a phenomenal actor." He can do anything. You know, when you get to Mandy's stature and place, I would say that perhaps another actor who has had that kind of beautiful success would take a role like this and just give it eighty percent - well, Mandy gives it two hundred percent! LP: Well, you know, much of the process is the same - I would say it is much less obtrusive now; certainly arc lights and all of that are a thing of the past now with HD because, for the most part, you can use available lighting. So, from that point of view, I guess it is pretty fascinating that you can keep getting closer and closer to real-life because the equipment is so small compared to even how big it was a decade ago. LP: It does - but, I have to say, from a vanity point of view? I think it's a fabulous time for maverick mindsets and entrepreneurial mindsets because the tools for people to express their own identities and build their own companies and networks are pretty much infinite now, so I think it's really exciting that the playing field has been leveled to the extent that it has; and, it seems to only be going further in that direction.

From sultry ballads to hot Latin jazz, arrangements of the show features classic standards like, S’Wonderful, Its Alright With Me and Caravan, and conjures a nighttime world where the surroundings are posh, the drinks keep flowing and nobody goes to bed before three.

“Purl cuts loose with all the authority of a seasoned jazz vocalist…she is mesmerizing.” London Times “Riveting…a gifted song stylist.

PC: He's known for being a bit eccentric - was it all a good experience for you, then? PC: What are your thoughts on the success of reality TV? It doesn't have anything to do with anything, does it? LP: Yeah, I mean, I look at all of those out-of-work designers and location scouts and writers and directors and you-name-it - the craftsmanship of storytelling and the care put into storytelling by all of those individuals is just cast to the side in favor of…

[Pause.] I mean, far be it from me to judge somebody else's entertainment, but I don't get it - I don't seek it out and it doesn't interest me and I think we are losing a lot as an industry as a result of reality shows. But, the dude has major chops - he is a classically-trained actor.

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