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We were at least a foot away from each other, I looked into his eyes looking back into mine. Each of the tables had a candle and a rose in a vase in them. I looked back at Misha and he just smile "surprise" he said "because your leaving today" he paused and swallowed a lump in his throat "I thought that I'd do something special for you as a goodbye present" I smiled at him and tackled him with a hug. Misha Collins is currently married to Victoria Vantoch.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction complete but under editing Kate's a big fan of supernatural and when finishing up the final episode for season 10 there is a announcement saying that one lucky fan will win a free trip to Canada to see and film an episode with the boys. [ Kate's POV ] I woke up to the smell of pure bliss and a sizzling sound. Then we just walked around until sunset, it was a nice day but I was quite sad because I was leave at pm to abort a plain and fly all the way back home away from Misha.

I got out of bed and as I reached for the door handle it suddenly started opening, I moved out of the way obviously not wanting to get hit by the door. It seemed like a million miles away, in fact it didn't really all seem like I was going home because I feel as if my home is wherever Misha is which sounds so cliché but I don't care.

This successful man has an amazing height that is approximately 5 feet and 11 inches tall. On October 6, 2001, Collins and his girlfriend, Victoria Vantoch got married. They are parents of their 2 children and living a happy and successful married life from all across He is a supporter and follower of Buddhism who spent most of his time within the monastery that is located in Nepal.

He always visits Nepal for the Buddhism meditation and retreat once in a year for the retreat.

He is popular with his character on Supernatural that was a CW TV series that was made during 2008 and till today is successful in his role as angel Castiel.


The team investigate the disappearance of a Navy Lieutenant, who also happens to be a computer specialist and who they believe may have been kidnapped. Nikki then turns back to Jennifer, remarking the Honda's driver is probably gay and that he looked creeped out by them. He gave me a big grin and then put the tray on my lap. " Misha looked down at the tray than back at me "oh yeah, it's a surprise so go lay back in bed" I hesitated before answering "ok" and climbing back into bed under the covers.And every time I say it, I go really Southern with it it's weird. PHOTOS: Stars' supernatural TV and movie pasts “My buddy and colleague Misha Collins was followed out of a restaurant in Minneapolis by three men last night and beaten and robbed,” Beaver wrote in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.

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