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It’s why all the ones I’ve had done so far are covered up – it’s nothing to do with anyone else.I remember there being such an uproar about David Dimbleby’s tattoo, and people saying tattoos could no longer be fashionable.He’s going to go oddball and swear to get attention, get angry with his delivery and stick some heavy guitar riff and drum loops underneath to prevent us trying to ignore him.

I reckon laser removal companies could be as worth as much as Apple one day.

Rock’s the easiest example – it was alternative, but now rock bands are the main pop acts.

I had an ex-girlfriend who was a tattoo artist, and she would refer to people as being ‘tattoo collectors’.

Hip-hop has several ingredients and you need to nail most of them to be convincing; a killer hook, infectious beats, lyrical dexterity and an unmistakeable delivery. Even more so than many other genres, they take the politics and society around them and capture the time. It even fails in Scroobius Pip’s basic aim of stirring you up a bit and making you think. The title is a piss take of Soulja Boy (Tell Em) who had that irritating song (Crank That) that came with an irritating dance. It features a female vocalist singing the song, with Pip speaking the lyrics back to her. I really hope Kate had nothing to do with it, because it’s truly awful.

Compared with say The Streets, Dizzee Rascal or Roots Manuva, Pip’s just clichéd and predictable. Amazingly, Scroobius Pip actually copies the riff for his chorus. Distraction Pieces isn’t a great hip-hop meets rock meets punk cross over album like it wants to be. The beats lack, the rhymes fall short and the hooks don’t reel you in and the subject matter is predictable.

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