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We've seen cases when a fictional character is listed in the credits as Himself/Herself.

We've seen an actor playing a character with the same name as themselves.

You seem to be moving well for a guy who broke both legs 16 months ago in a skiing accident. ” I said, “Why don’t you write a play for my sister Tyne and me?

It’s oddly unique at this moment in time to have a marriage on television that is functioning. These guys [on “Madam Secretary”] are in there working their guts out to make it work. Afterwards she said, “What are we going to do next?

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Daly is in his third long-running network series, co-starring opposite Téa Leoni in the CBS drama “Madam Secretary.” But he still has plenty of weirdness up his sleeve. Our push is to try to change the narrative about arts in this country. It’s about exposing children to the arts in places like Idaho and Wyoming where they would never have any arts programs if it weren’t for the NEA. About a year and a half later, she handed me this play, “Downstairs,” about a brother and sister. I get to work with “America’s Tyne Daly,” as I call her.Keegan, whom editors called “mind-bendingly sexy,” was No. The New York Post reports the TV personality’s estranged wife is filing for sole custody of their 2-year-old daughter Dakota, whom they adopted in June 2012.An attorney for Rounds told Page Six: ‘My client Michelle Rounds has decided to start proceedings for sole custody of their daughter Dakota, since it is unequivocally in their child’s best interest and general welfare.” A spokesperson for O’Donnell responded: “This is an absurd and desperate attempt to use a child for her own gain.” the 52-year-old comedian opened up about his 26-year-old son, Kyle, who has Aspergers, a neuro-developmental disorder that causes social and communication difficulties. VH1 had announced it was going to bring back the MTV reality series about Ozzy and his crazy clan, which ran from 2002 to 2005, but the network decided to put the kibosh on the project. Lifetime is joining in the star Jeremy Jackson was arrested Saturday after a man accused the actor of stabbing him in the chest in the West Lake area of Los Angeles. This trope is when a real-life celebrity or famous figure is playing a fictionalized version of themselves, , this is the norm.It would be hard to believe it's Hollywood if you'd never heard of any of the "stars", would it?

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