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Then on a concept 2 rower, do a circuit in which Jason performed for 6 laps of 500 m each, with 3 minutes gap in between each lap.In each sprint, he took a certain time, which is written below for your reference –Then, he just cools down by doing a farmer carry for 500 m with two 30 kg kettlebells.He later steals contestant Merle's mobility scooter as this weekend's over 50's special runs wild.

If that activity is rigorous, then it can be treated as a part of workout and training.

So, do this workout according to your suitability, ability, and needs. The circuit consists of these 4 exercises – ring dip hold, Kettlebell Farmer Hold, L-sit on Parallettes or Dip Bars, and Bodyweight Squat Hold.

Post that, Jason performs a workout called “Big Five 55 Workout”, according to which he needs to perform a series of 5 exercises.

Jason used to maintain an activity non-stop for over an hour to build some endurance.

FUNNYMAN Paddy Mc Guinness was left stunned after a 72-year-old appeared on Take Me Out to find her SIXTH husband.

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