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However, users will be able to set Rooms to private, and only allow those to join when they are approved by an administrator.

This could work well as an add-on for things like larger Facebook groups, where not all the members are also Facebook friends. But it could also help connect people around subjects they want to discuss via messaging, instead of the more formal structure of a Facebook group.

Luckily, /r/Overwatch moderators stepped in and managed to delete most of the worst comments, but the experience made one thing clear: When women speak up about being harassed, they go from here?

Suggestions from the Reddit community for fixing the game's harassment problem ran the gamut.

In an interview via Skype, Lo — who is a researcher in online communities and harassment at University of California, Irvine — explained how players use this exclusive online space to escape the harassment they face in solo-queues.

And not just in "The subreddit's great for venting, for saying, ' I've gotten harassed, what's some advice,' or bringing up articles on the topic, but if you just want to hang out with people and play games, you go to the Discord," Lo said.

But a number of women — and other folks who are marginalized in the traditionally straight, game with five random teammates you don't know — many players escape to their own pre-established communities.

At this time, only users in those regions will be able to create Rooms.

, and the fandom is responding by making life hell for the woman who brought it to light.

Another use case could be organizing events or sending out alerts.

That’s something that could be especially interesting in light of how the larger social network has already been used to organize social and political movements — including, most recently, the anti-Trump protests that are occurring across the U. The company has been busy trialing a number of new messaging experiments in recent weeks, many with the goal of challenging Snapchat.

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