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If you were to make 0K in a single year your total savings could be 0K which is ~60x larger than the median of just K assuming a 10% savings rate.2) What Do You Think About the Stock Market Levels?If Person A is working 60 hours a week making 0K per year and you’re working 40 hours a week making K…You’re already making significantly less than Person A on an “hourly basis” and there is no way you’re going to catch up by working less and learning less. We also strongly suggest you read our post on careers.Remember, so you may have to start from the bottom. For those that are serious about developing multiple streams of income and a high net worth, we can recommend Personal Capital.The Company offers *free* software tools with the following four key features: 1) ability to by tracking all fees associated with an investment product allowing you to choose the best possible fund for your future, 2) portfolio analysis where your risk profile is stacked up against your current age and retirement goals, 3) in addition to these free tools, you can also track your net worth and path to becoming a millionaire and 4) when you hit 0K in networth you’ll receive a free one time consultation with an investment professional at Personal Capital.

When it comes to Wall Street, always always always choose the job function over the bank name.If you’re looking to avoid personal financial collapse, it makes sense to track everything in one place for *free*. If you don’t believe the data, feel free to purchase a full compensation package from Glocap or another headhunter firm. Investment Banking (2016 numbers) Analyst – Base ~-100K (100% targeted bonus) 150-200K (age 22-25) Associate – Base 5-180 (100% targeted bonus minimum) 0-365K if you are promoted to VP (age 26-33, wide range due to young talent and MBAs) VP – Base 0-225K (100% , call it 125% targeted bonus due to revenue generation, total 0-550K) (age 30 ) Director – Base ~0K (Variable call it 1.5x base salary target due to revenue generation, somewhere around 0K) (age 32 ) Managing Director – Base ~0K (Variable, call it 2x base salary as a target due to revenue generation, somewhere around 5K) (age 32 ) *Note: Yes base salaries at the junior level are moving up a tad, call it -10K depending on if you’re an analyst or an associate. We have given a free three statement model when we first started blogging and that is all you need to be able to build. You should be able to build this in 1-2 days maximum. Every bank has different models and will train you for several weeks before you start your career.You’ll be wasting your money because we have the numbers right here for free. However, as the numbers show, your goal is to get promoted since the variable numbers become larger and larger as a % of your salary 2) Should I Take a Financial Modeling Courses? Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and bottoms up by segment. If you can build a three statement model (clean) you’re going to be fine.If you *must* take “classes” then take excel courses that teach you short cuts (formatting short cuts – alt e-s- (letter), navigation short cuts – F5 and others).Always choose the one with the highest promotion rate.

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