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since this is a promo and nobody gives promo like a Jenner/Kardashian.So maybe she's tipping her hand by deciding to date men. She is unappreciated, misunderstood, and maybe even really horny.In other words, women had little to non-existent power throughout the majority of history and the consequences of getting caught having an affair would result in physical punishment and/or catastrophic public shaming. Men, meanwhile, were not just excused for their sexual adventures, they were often rewarded for them- sometimes with respect and admiration.

The couple tries to be cordial, but the husband feels awkward.

In the years since becoming the Guide to Newlyweds, I have learned more about infidelity than I ever thought I would. I've learned of many real stories of cheating - not what you see in the movies but real people being unfaithful - and the consequences of an affair are so grave that I'm not sure how someone can actually go through with it. If it doesn't end it, it can damage it so badly that it will never be the same.

The stories below are true, but I've left out names and identifying characteristics to protect people.

She even asks his cousin to try and convince him to return to her.

Is there anything more satisfying than a sexy housewife seeking a sexual reawakening? Luckily, she might have some courage to do something about it.

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