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And because of that bad karma, according to the law of cause and effect, in this life he should not have come back to the teachings.And then I entered the ashram and then for a little bit I was put in charge of that young man.A correction was therefore made in the spelling of his title, so that there would be no doubt about its intended meaning.The title “Paramahansa” signifies one who has attained the highest spiritual realization, and may be bestowed only by one’s guru, who himself must be spiritually qualified to do so. It was given to Paramahansa Yogananda in 1935 by his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar.‘PARAM’ DOES NOT MEAN “SUPREME.” IT IS A GRAMMATICAL DERIVATIVE OF ‘PARA’ (NOT ‘PARAMA’), AND HAS SUCH MEANINGS AS “AFTER,” “OPPOSITE,” “BEYOND.” IN ANY CASE, IT CANNOT BE CORRECTLY COMBINED WITH ‘HANSA’ ANYMORE THAN ONE WOULD SAY IN ENGLISH, FOR EXAMPLE, “A BEYOND SWAN.” Since the Veda-based title was given by Sri Yukteswar to certify his worthy disciple Yogananda as belonging to the highest category of divine realized souls-–a Paramahansa—there should be no scope for question because of an incorrect rendering of the Sanskrit.Self-Realization Fellowship, the organization founded by Paramahansa Yogananda to carry out his divine mission and preserve the purity of his teaching, would be extremely remiss in its responsibility if it were to allow this inaccurate usage to be perpetuated.

And not even all the monastics knew where Master was, we knew he was out in the desert area.

Thus with his every breath man unconsciously asserts the truth of his being: .

To retain the Paramhansa spelling would be to permit sentiment to rule rather than a true reverence and regard for our Guru and his rightful place among the great ones.

Terrible mistakes are made in definitions of Sanskrit terms if there is no intuitive ability to arrive at correct root, and then to decipher the correct meaning from that root according to its usage at the time of the origin of the word.

When the basis is correctly established, one may then also draw meaning from the various sources relative to the common meaning of words and the specific way they were used to form a cogent connective thought. A proliferation of pages would be required to delve fully into the Sanskrit underlying the metaphors…India has preserved in her literature her highly evolved civilization dating back to a glorious golden age.

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